When giving

When givingKARTOFFLNY SOUP WITH In the cooked potato soup filled with carrots and roasted onions, add chopped and cook to readiness.

When giving on a table fill with sour cream or lactic drinks.

G OF ARN FROM SNYTIThe Ogobranny and washedout greens it is thin , extinguish with sour cream and butter it is possible simply with milk minutes, add the chopped onions, a powder of a bay leaf, salt and again extinguish minutes.

Fill with a tomato and a flour, lead up to boiling.

On kg take g of sour cream and g of oil or g of milk, g of onions, g of a tomato, g of a flour and salt to taste.

PROFILAKTIKL OF DISEASES OF THE CHILD OF JOINT STOCK COMPANY HIS ROZHAYENY OF THE CUTLET POTATO WITH AND THE NETTLEOgobranny and boiled it is possible also crude greens to crush on a meat grinder, to mix with mashed potatoes it is possible and with crude potatoes, i through a meat grinder and eggs to salt, make a cutlet to roll in in a flour or i crackers and to roast on vegetable oil.

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