So scratch

So scratch And sins are so nonstandard that sin sin to you often not to understand.

And their list along with mischief and fights contains even not washed up hands before food.

And it it is very easy to explain, as all at what you point manias of the child, the kid considers very important in life.

So scratch on a neck excites him more heartaches.

He washes a neck nearly an every day, and heart.

No, mother never forced to wash his heart.

And it means that his heart, obviously, means nothing.

Therefore be not surprised, if your child, rastsePlokhiye habits of good children.

nivy all from such positions, not only a neck, but also hands, will consider feet as the most important parts of a body while on an internal thanks to which he lives, not about special attention if you never spoke to it about them and it does not have these any diseases .

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