So, the hormone

So, the hormone Existence in chest milk of substances, neutralized an infection, causes more rare emergence of infections of the top respiratory ways complicating breath; antiallergenicity of chest milk protects respiratory ways from a giperemiya; many elements of chest milk influencing physiological variability are absent in artificial baby food.

It is possible that in chest milk there are the substances changing cycles of a dream of the child in such a manner that it easier wakens at emergence of factors menacing to life.

So, the hormone a progesterone is a breath stimulator, and in blood at the babies nursed, the contents it higher.

Whether the reason consist in the nature of chest milk can Gastrothe edofagalny reflux see page can increase risk of SIDS as the milk which has got to the top respiratory ways is capable to put in action a respiratory standstill reflex.

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