So, the hormone

So, the hormone Existence in chest milk of substances, neutralized an infection, causes more rare emergence of infections of the top respiratory ways complicating breath; antiallergenicity of chest milk protects respiratory ways from a giperemiya; many elements of chest milk influencing physiological variability are absent in artificial baby food.

It is possible that in chest milk there are the substances changing cycles of a dream of the child in such a manner that it easier wakens at emergence of factors menacing to life.

So, the hormone a progesterone is a breath stimulator, and in blood at the babies nursed, the contents it higher.

Whether the reason consist in the nature of chest milk can Gastrothe edofagalny reflux see page can increase risk of SIDS as the milk which has got to the top respiratory ways is capable to put in action a respiratory standstill reflex.

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The behavior

The behavior However do not regard temperature reaction in reply to febrifuges as the unique objective indicator.

Researches confirm that this reaction does not allow to judge that, the disease is how serious.

As the child behaves.

The behavior of your child is more important, than his subjects .

At it °, but he continues to play with pleasure in this case the situation is not so disturbin as in other when the child at temperature ° aspires to lie down all the time.

Important and how the disease of the child corresponds with his high temperature.

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At condition

At condition Veredko an illness accepts a long current, often there are aggravations therefore without individually picked up dietary food at this disease not to manage.

In the first days of sharply arisen cholecystitis or aggravations chronic it is necessary for child to give a large amount of liquid in the form of sweet Tea, infusion of a dogrose, vegetable, fruit, berry juice, semifluid legkousvoyaemy dishes the wiped soups, dairy porridges, vegetable mashed potatoes, kissels, compotes.

At condition improvement ENTSIKLOPEAIYA OF A FOOD OF THE CHILDthe child it is possible to enter into a food gradually boiled meat and fish dishes.

llp chronic cholecystitis is recommended to I to use milk and dairy products, especially in the form of sourmilk drinks and cottage cheese.

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To Poyavl of scientific

To Poyavl of scientific On an example repeating several times in a year cold passes to a habit to sniff, and it is frequent finding fault lips to their licking.

The child, the more clear and the imitation moment is more senior.

Sometimes excites parents and a habit to gnaw nails.

It seldom happens in years, appearing a bit later.

To Poyavl of scientific research institute of this habit a nervousness and concern sign.

Nails fight also bite, children at all do not know when.

And when is either excitement, or a cart a buzhdeniye bringing concern.

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Main signs

Main signs It is an emergency demanding immediate surgical intervention.

Main signs of impassability of intestines suddenly begun kolikoobrazny bellyache persistent vomiting with greenish inclusions, sometimes fountain.

the obvious discomfort and sometimes terrible pain, it is rather attacks, than a constant lack of a chair white and sweaty skin deterioration symptoms, instead of condition improvements LOCK The lock defines density a calla and difficulties of its removal, instead of hour excrements.

The consistence and frequency of a chair vary depending on age and specific features of the child.

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