In n water

In n waterTEA with milkFor children tea with milk should contain more milk, than tea.

On ml of drink ml of milk undertake.

Boiled milk add with in ready tea.

KOFESURROGATIt is possible to prepare it from acorn, barley or other types of substitutes of coffee.

In n water m a dry powder of coffee deputy ENTSIKLOPEAIYAFOOD OF THE CHILDnitel to stir, 'to REMOVE from fire, let's settle, filter, add sugar and toryachy boiled milk.

Coffee substitute r, water ml, milk + ml, sugar.

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What image

What imageFor certain all parents sometimes face situations which regularly cause the family conflicts though by means of the concept of natural sequences they are easy for resolving.

What image to make so that this natural sequence worked It is necessary to neglect that is called an event, having allowed a situation to develop independently.

But before it it is necessary to set to itself some questionsWhat happens, if I do not interfereWhat can happen the most terrible if I do not interfereIf answers to these questions are not too frightenin it is possible to do the following.

First, do not remind the child that it should make.

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And, if humidity

And, if humidity Gradually they will begin to be perceived as periodic attacks of pain and can be accompanied by pain in a waist, hips, calves and a rectum.

Antenatal podtekaniye of waters.

It is a question not of a situation when waters literally flow and when during the day the woman feels allocation of several tens drops of liquid.

And, if humidity appeared after a dream most likely, there was a mucous stopper and if during the day that it and is a podtekaniye of waters.

this process of any danger does not represent the kid, though in official gynecology is a reason for immediate stimulation of childbirth.

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Some ways

Some ways Even knowing that your behavior during food can affect formation of problems, to you can be difficult to cease to show nervousness in relation to the child as you worry about it go health.

The first that you should make, it to convince that your child is healthy.

Some ways of how you are able to do it, are presented below.

What is normalBy months at the majority of children the motility is developed rather well, and they can eat independently if to them allow it to do.

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Now, fourteen

Now, fourteen Haden from the baby with the increased inquiries turned into the girl with big inquiries, then in the teenager with not smaller claims.

She slowly weaned from places where felt comfortably, from a bed, a breast, hands.

But nevertheless weaned.

How we achieved it Keenness.

Now, fourteen years later, Haden became deeply feelin creative person, at which as speak, life is in full swing.

It is kind and attentive to another, including us.

Here to that we were taught by Haden Children happen noisy first of all because of the temperament in sense of their general tendency to behave exactly so, instead of because of parents.

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