Eyes clear, open, attentive; extremities

Eyes clear, open, attentive; extremities Active concentration.

The condition similar to quiet sosrea dotochennost, but the head and extremities of the child move, it as if is shipped in itselfhimself and does not notice you.

It seems that the child is involved by movements of his own body.

Quiet concentration.

Eyes clear, open, attentive; extremities stay in relative rest.

It seems that the child beholds a surrounding situation.

This most suitable condition for interaction and training.


Eyes are open, but stick together or start to be closed.

The child is rather diffused, extremities and a trunk move, on the person pass sleepy halfsmiles.

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Fruit fe ,, cm, weight

Fruit fe ,, cm, weight He is able to compress cams, to wrinkle lips, opens and closes a mouth, builds grimaces.

The fruit can swallow of liquid which surrounds it.

Can urinate.

fruit fe ,, cm, weight ~ g.

lunar month of development of a fruit, weeks Head it is disproportionate it is great in comparison with a body.

The neck was designated.

The fruit has now already eyebrows and eyelashes.

The body and the person are covered with a gentle down .

Skin of the baby is very thin, through it blood vessels are appeared through.

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Jay's behavior

Jay's behavior Voluntarily children also could save balls and exchange them for larger award, for example, on a campaign in shop of ridiculous things which boys very much loved.

Katie and Jam and strenuously worked a cash with the table and combined it with a large number of embraces and praises.

Jay's behavior quickly improved, and the number of fights considerably decreased.

Jay also liked balls and possibility to save and change them.

Tables of families of Elson, Price and GeorgiuYou also can create tables with stickers for fight against concrete manifestations of bad behavior to give to children incentive for correction Each of triplets, Velvet, Bailey and Roman and Elson, had a table with stickers for a dream see p.

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The kid choleric

The kid choleric There is an identity between separate lines at the choleric person and a cart the rastny characteristic of the child.

The kid choleric person is always picturesque, similar to the most colourful portrait, instead of on shy made sketch.

On the dvizhny mercury, becoming angry very fast, such the nok lights up, as a match, there would be only a small spark.

And all can appear a spark.

And the litup kid choleric person is comparable only with the captain Break the head.

Its energy is inexhaustible also pranks we.

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Surely explain

Surely explain Therefore, before will start to gather, specify this moment.

By the way, to take everything at once it is unessential, some things to you can transfer as required, for example to a thing for an extract for you and the kid.

Try to prepare them in advance.

Surely explain to the husband where that lies, even it is better, if you sign packages that on pleasures it mixed nothing and did not forget.

The approximate list of thingsDocuments prenatal record; passport; policy of obligatory medical insurance or policy of voluntary medical insurance; patrimonial certificate; the contract on childbirth if you give birth for a fee; the passport of the husband and the certificate of a state of his health if you decided on joint childbirth.

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