It is necessary

It is necessary The contract should be carried out by both parties unconditionally.

If you break the arrangement of you, do not wait that the child will be accurate in performance of the clauses of the contract.

It is necessary to bring responsibility of the child for agreement violation in the contract.

It is possible for it to tell that in case it will break the arrangement, you, in turn, will cease to care of it, will decline all responsibility for its comfortable existence to it will not prepare, erase, iron, give pocket money.

It should sound not as threat.

Try to tell it several times, be trained.

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For this

For thisExcites and should excite.

For this purpose there is an occasion.

Stutter valid, frequent for the first time can on be in two years when the child roughly masters the phrase vy speech and expresses the thoughts any more in monosyllables, and offers, for which drawing up it owes de pause lat to pick up necessary words.

It not always can pick up them and as a result it, worryin clashes with adults.

This demon sledno does not pass the conflict.

And the difficult system of organs of articulation happens the most weak spot for a game .

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Then we understood

Then we understood Think of openness at adoption.

When we wrote this book, in our family there was the eighth child, Lauren which we adopted rather adopted.

Then we understood that it is in most cases quite good to lift a veil of secrecy over adoption.

Openness means maintenance of contact of reception parents with the native.

It allows to develop the plan of action in interests of all parties.

Many reception parents make common cause with native as it goes on advantage everythin especially to the child.

Openness is favorable to reception parents as relieves from syurpricall.

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From the very

From the very He as though invites you to learn to fill blank spaces in brackets instead of ball, instead of car, etc.

But as thus the child also shows on interesting his subject, does not remain any doubts that he means.

From the very beginning speech of the small person happens is correctly sustained in that, as to intonations, the problem exists only with the correct and complete pronouncing of words.

First words The majority of children at this age is said not too by many words, it is possible, because the main part of the energy which has been taken away on development, they spend now for walking.

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Each time it reminds

Each time it reminds Parents can stimulate good behavior for .

, resorting to the same principles, as in cases of other types of problem behavior.

Herbie, Miles and EllaNigel the Carousal the Price were tired of that their three children, Miles, Herbie and Ella seven, five and three years respectively, arranged chaos during food that is frequent at to quarrels between them.

I very much would want, that children simply sat and ate the dinner without an eructation, fights and an orosaniye with food.

Nigel spoke.

Each time it reminds tea drinking of a chimpanzee.

I would like, that everything was more civilized.

Nigel and Bianka asked to come to the agreement among themselves concerning behavior which they would like to see.

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