My child

My child My child knows that it the best.

My child in everything is necessary only on my taste.

My child tutors let bring up.

When my child will fall ill, I do not call the doctor you .

My daughter son, it is visible, expects the fantastic prince princess though to it it it is still so far to fantastic prince.

I got used la that my child implicitly submitted to me.

My child knows that he should be an excellent pupil, differently I will not suffer.

When my child of badly feels, I worry over it, as though it the newborn.

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Part of juice

Part of juice The kid can drink a lot of juice, but not to feel full.

For the child it is necessary to dilute juice.

part of juice and waters.

It is better to begin with apple, pear and grape juice as others orange, grapefruit, a lemon too sour, and the child usually refuses them, but also, they break digestion.

Vegetable juice which are richer with nutrients, as a rule, do not belong to favourite drinks of the child The last researches showed, whether that at some children appear boin a stomach and a diarrhea after the use of fruit juice.

It occurs because of their slow assimilation therefore the superfluous juice remaining in intestines, has laxative and irritating effect on a thick gut.

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Perhaps, we will

Perhaps, we willAnd still, despite it, our child runs all the time up, without a respite, on an iridescent twisting path from the soap bubbles started up by it, conducting to a firmament!!! Naked king Little PrinceIts Majesty Child! Hardly there can be a family happy without the child.

Perhaps, we will not have enough all available images, comparisons and metaphors to understand, whom after allfor us the kid is.

And nevertheless we will try it though to something to compare.

Well, we will try, we will risk.

Child, as solar the hare, as a sun droplet in a family.

Bad habits of good children.

And can be, it is simple it a rainbow.

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If after

If after Their mothers were persistent, all the time were on communication with the child, decanted milk that it remained, and intuitively felt that the child is yet ready to completely to pass to other food.

In this case other mother who has passed through it can support you, address in League.

If after all your efforts the child nevertheless refuses chest feedin you will know that he actually is ready to pass to the following level a food not chest milk.

It is not necessary to regret, simply your child advances usual terms of development.

Chest feeding as first aid For the child feeding by a breast a food and pleasure source.

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Food of various

Food of various Include in food at least one favourite dish of your child.

food of various flowers and structures to influence sense organs of your child and to increase quantity of food which he will eat.

Use food which it is possible to eat with hands; fly can try new food if it is beautifully prepared, for example, it is unusually cut.

Submit portions of the children's size, to start I spoons write each look.

You can always offer additives, but not a plate.

Allow children is independently as much as possible and to solve, how many they want to eat.

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