. The use by feeding

. The use by feedingAdvantages of natural feeding take place only is lean, when mother is healthy, is highgrade eats and conducts the correct image.


The use by feeding mother of alcohol, smoking and impact on it harmful substances pesticides, heavy metals, etc.

represent serious health hazard of the child.

Alcohol, nicotine, various harmful substances including drugs pass to milk and have harmful effect on health of the child, remaining in his organism much more lon than in an organism of mother as at the child mechanisms of their neutralization were not developed yet.

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He takes the most

He takes the most He takes the most active part in formation of behavior of parents, adjustment of mutual understanding with them, but only in case parents choose such style of behavior which allows the child to do it.

STYLE OF RAPPROCHEMENT; AS IT IS BETTER TO BUILD THE PAIR RELATIONS CHILDREN PARENTS For many years of our pediatric practice we noticed primechatelny dependence meanwhile or other style of behavior of parents or its absence and development of the child.

The style of rapprochement accepted in many families, is characterized by such feature of behavior of parents, as attachment to the child.

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