So scratch

So scratch And sins are so nonstandard that sin sin to you often not to understand.

And their list along with mischief and fights contains even not washed up hands before food.

And it it is very easy to explain, as all at what you point manias of the child, the kid considers very important in life.

So scratch on a neck excites him more heartaches.

He washes a neck nearly an every day, and heart.

No, mother never forced to wash his heart.

And it means that his heart, obviously, means nothing.

Therefore be not surprised, if your child, rastsePlokhiye habits of good children.

nivy all from such positions, not only a neck, but also hands, will consider feet as the most important parts of a body while on an internal thanks to which he lives, not about special attention if you never spoke to it about them and it does not have these any diseases .

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And with

And with Give a hand to it, the strong hand.

Its gentle fingers enclose in a palm and conduct on life, its lab to prints, as if the guide the guide who mastered already this way.

Be his friend, become belief, hope.

And with I twist to you he came to this world.

The childhood is the blossoming meadow which has been filled in with the sun, on whichyou run carelessly to the far horizon.

And as it is important, that nearbywith you there was a lovin skilled guide.

Some words instead of the prefaceBoltushechka call Katenka.

Its mouth is not closed for second and a uvula discusses literally everything from the simplest truth to world problems that knows and that does not know that saw that heard that thinks that thought up.

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When giving

When givingKARTOFFLNY SOUP WITH In the cooked potato soup filled with carrots and roasted onions, add chopped and cook to readiness.

When giving on a table fill with sour cream or lactic drinks.

G OF ARN FROM SNYTIThe Ogobranny and washedout greens it is thin , extinguish with sour cream and butter it is possible simply with milk minutes, add the chopped onions, a powder of a bay leaf, salt and again extinguish minutes.

Fill with a tomato and a flour, lead up to boiling.

On kg take g of sour cream and g of oil or g of milk, g of onions, g of a tomato, g of a flour and salt to taste.

PROFILAKTIKL OF DISEASES OF THE CHILD OF JOINT STOCK COMPANY HIS ROZHAYENY OF THE CUTLET POTATO WITH AND THE NETTLEOgobranny and boiled it is possible also crude greens to crush on a meat grinder, to mix with mashed potatoes it is possible and with crude potatoes, i through a meat grinder and eggs to salt, make a cutlet to roll in in a flour or i crackers and to roast on vegetable oil.

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At this age it is possible

At this age it is possible At this age it is possible to give only the cottage cheese received from dairy kitchen or prepared houses from fresh kefir, including kaltsinirovanny see Dishes from cottage cheese.

Sourmilk it is recommended to enter from months in a look so i the subsequent formulas i children's i products with the lowered content of protein of cow milk for reduction of risk of an allergy, i on nurseries i kitchens or i in shops of baby food Agusha and , Bifilin, , etcFrom , months it is necessary to give an egg yolk in r and the pounded look in chest or usual milk, since two times a week and leading up by months to yolks in r.

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If through

If through When the kid sits on your knees, incline it forward through an edge of a palm with which you hold it, and rather strongly rub a back or clap on it.

Do not consider that feeding was not possible, if the child not a cart spirit If for the first time at you it did not turn out, after a while try again.

If through mines of an otrygivaniye did not occur, put the child or resemble with it, holding him in vertical situation, being engaged in the affairs.

If the child feels well, need for an otrygivaniye of air disappears.

If the child after feeding is uneasy coils, bent, groans, when you put it, or refuses to finish feeding is signs of that it is necessary to it air; if the child ate much, you need patience, while it not air.

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