Here one of questions

Here one of questions Here that at us it turned out.

It not seems correct To learn, how parents treat this question, we interrogated mothers.

Here one of questions What usually council friends, relatives give you, when you ask them what to do with the child who badly sleeps More often the answer was such Let's to it be shouted.

But % of mothers told that it not seems to them true.

Our conclusion % of mothers cannot be mistaken, and between councils which they hear, and discrepancy is their feelings really.

The list of the reasons and ways of fight against night awakenings Fear of loneliness Development of new skills Temperament the child with big inquiries Family problems Moving to other house Dejectedness of parents One of parents left the house Irritating clothes Being cut teeth Wet or dirty diaper Irritation, rash from a diaper Hunger Stuffy nose Too hot Too cold Irritants of respiratory ways cigaret smoke perfumery powders, powder fuzzes in air hair of animals dust aromas Awakening reasons An allergy to milk or I peep Noise in a bedroom Cold Ear inflammation Fever Gastroezofagalny reflux Ostritsa Infection of urinary ways What to undertake Sleep closer to the child Calm him, carrying in the scrappy holder Try to lull it Massage it before going to bed Shake it Press the child to itself Use situation a nest under a neck Swaddle Use something soft, warm and fluffy a father's breast, ovto a rank Take the child on hands Use a shaking cradle or a bed on castors Bath in warm water Warm a blanket and sheets Include calming music Use a white sound Use sounds habitual to the kid a parent belly leave in a bed of the child a thing connected with mother Feed before going to bed Give a ride on the car Try mechanical nurse Dress the child in a thing from cotton Resort to medical examination It acquits itselfhimself We interrogated publishers and producers of television who help on to be to the recommendations concerning this way, in the press and on air.

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Cottage cheese

Cottage cheesePUDDING COTTAGE CHEESECottage cheese to wipe through a sieve or to pass through a meat grinder with a small grid.

An egg yolk to pound with sugar and butter, to connect to cottage cheese, to mix, carefully to enter the shakenup protein.

Weight m in a form greased with butter and strewed with crackers to put on a baking sheet with water and to place in an oven for minutes.

A ready pudding to water with sour cream or a fruit or berry syrup.

Cottage cheese eggs pieces.

sour cream a syrup sugar butter crackers g.

PUDDING COTTAGE CHEESE WITH RAISIN In r cottage cheese to add the sifted flour, r with sugar a yolk, r raisin.

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What arguments

What arguments Probably, it occurs thanks to contact to the relatives, curing aura of love and, certainly, lack of hospital flora.

After all in modern maternity hospitals lives in times more various bacteria, than in apartments.

patrimonial traumatism.

do not injure the oksipyutsiny.

provoking at the baby a hyper excitability syndrome, long jaundice of newborns, emotional and behavioural violations, difficulties in social adaptation.

What arguments contra house childbirth The main argument big risk.

According to physicians, even at absolutely healthy woman in one instant pathology, which in minutes can developwill lead to her death.

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Their new schedule

Their new schedule Though they wanted to deal with questions concerning a dream and discipline, Mat and Mandy asked to pay attention at first to the schedule of them day to create more favorable situation in a breakage.

They had to agree on the schedule of day that Mat knew when it will have a long time for continuous work, and Mandy knew, when she can address to it for the help.

Their new schedule reflected an hourly daily routine and was hung up in kitchen.

After that they could pay attention to a daily routine and food which they established day of children.

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It needs to be distinguished

It needs to be distinguished Most of all attention give to blood and urine analyses.

During pregnancy at women quite often anemia anemia which demands special treatment develops in % of cases.

Urine on the analysis hand over after each visit of the doctor.

Especially it is important in the second half of pregnancy, in particular the last two months when the risk of development of such complication of pregnancy, as OPTgestoz is high.

It needs to be distinguished and treated in time.

On each reception the doctor measures at the pregnant woman arterial pressure on both hands and mass of a body.

Besides all these analyses and researches, obligatory for all women during pregnancy, with future mothers years are more senior carry out additional researches.

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