When the kid is especially

When the kid is especiallyWhen the kid is especially stubborn, it is not necessary, that you the same as it.

Find a way to switch its interest, pick up a task that it executed it with success, and do not forget to praise those it.

Do not argue with the child and do not quarrel with it.

For example, your baby decided to make of the very best good motivesTo you surprise costs and washes after food the dishes that broke a relka, took a cup.

You stout of indignation, demand such washing.

But if you demand to stop and it for preshcheno, it continues washing already with redoubled zeal, as if to you to spite, and only because at this age at all kids heightened interest to that is impossible.

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Press to itself

Press to itself Protivokolikovy kalachik.

This best means, allowing to remove napa ryazheniye at children who like to curve a back and badly relax in other pose.

Press to itself the child so that his back rested to you against a breast, and it was bent situation sitting.

It weakens stomach and back muscles and often conducts to a relaxation of all body of the child.

If at you hands were tired, apply the situation kangaroo see page and if you got used to communicate with the kid eyes and by means of a mimicry, develop his face to itself.

A back of the child hold far away from itself, and his feet tighten to your breast.

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The formed

The formedApples sugar g.

THE APPLES STUFFED WITH COTTAGE CHEESEFrom large apple to cut off a top.

A sharp narrow knife to take out a core.

The formed cavity to fill with the cottage cheese mixed with semolina, sugar, raisin, an egg yolk, and to bake in an oven.

When giving on a table to strew with powdered sugar.

Apples sugar cottage cheese grain semolina raisin eggs yolk piece IHanumuCOCOADry powder of cocoa to mix with sugar and m in ware with the boiling milk dissolved half with water, let's boil once again.

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Speed of movements

Speed of movementsThe child can play more than an hour without coming off on the street, having given preference to sports.

Since five years to six at your child shifts in motility and force improvement are even more considerable.

Speed of movements it continues to increase and improves is rumpled but their coordination.

Already the child can carry out at the same time twothree types of impellent skills to reap, throwing a ball; to catch a ball, having sat down on hunkers and at the tantsovyvy.

The child likes to run, competing.

It jogs several times in day on distance to meters and to overcome , passing to run with average speed in a minute.

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The love to them

The love to themMothers are especially elegant.

The love to them children designing for them such models of fantastic clothes patents on which, likely, bought from them fashions ny magazines.

Besides dresses, skirts, blouses where ruches, you are shivka, flounces, at many mothers in ear ring ears, on necks a beads Diagnostics of a family and hairpins in hair.

Almost all mothers in fashionable footwear and with unusual hairdresses.

And if you peer into their hair color, will tell more often so does not happen since what time hair orange, yellow and even dark blue.

So does not happen in life, but happens in drawin when the child in a high water of the tender sentiment, splashing out this way outside of.

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