Therefore by the main

Therefore by the mainTherefore by the main r, r Q to be used at anemia treatment, meat and r vegetative greens parsley, fennel, salad and others r plants, and also the berries containing a chlorophyll, a gooseberry; berries and the fruit rich with vitamin C, a dogrose, an aktinidiya, a black currant, seabuckthorn berries, oranges, strawberry, a mountain ash, r grades of apples, tangerines, sweet cherry, and also containing many organic acids a cranberry, a currant, a lemon, etc At the same time the content of fat in a food allowance is necessary to limit to Q r and is temporary, before normalization of the content of hemoglobin in blood, twice to reduce m mmochny products.

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A skintight

A skintight At one time in the USA the issecheniye of an extreme flesh became the usual procedure made at the birth of boys, but as it often happens to habitual procedures, parents started to ask a question, whether really it is absolutely necessary for their children.

Further we will give the most widespread questions which to us set.

Answers to them will help you to make the decision, leaning on reliable information.

How run low an extreme flesh The child put on a firm support with thongs with which fix his hands and a foot.

A skintight extreme flesh separate from a head of a penis penis the medical tool.

While the cut approximately for lengths of an extreme flesh is made, it hold metal clips.

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Upon purchase

Upon purchase go barefoot on dirt or the crude earth.

What it is necessary to consider at a transport choice you are going to fly by the plane or to float by the ship, receive the written decision of the doctor that at the next o'clock childbirth is improbable at big term of pregnancy.

Upon purchase of the ticket you, most likely, will not ask about pregnancy term, but at registration can take an interest planned date of childbirth and without medical certificate can not start up aboard.

to purchase of the ticket do not hesitate to ask for itself the best place in transport.

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Dmitry earns

Dmitry earns Maxim's parents representatives of middle class.

Dmitry earns not bad, and here Marina while is at home with an oneyearold Katyusha and only sometimes takes on the house a small podrabotka transfers, editing.

We generally on holiday postpone my earnings and for any cultural campaigns during vacation.

However, Maxim perceives all this as due.

The boy does not ask a question, money from where undertakes, and parents did not explain it to him in due time therefore the son does not see obvious problems, but only only own needs.

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Food movement

Food movement In intestines there is a further digestion and absorption of food substances.

Food movement on intestines at children depends on nature of feeding and occurs quicker, than at adults.

Duration of digestion when feeding by parent milk averages hours, cow hours.

Daily quantity a calla at natural feeding small on the average g; for it color, a kashitseoobrazny consistence, sour reaction, lack of a faecal smell are characteristic egg .

When feeding by cow milk children's the kcal differs more I a consistence, light color and an unpleasant smell; the daily quantity a calla increases to i.


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