It is already

It is already In the first three months of pregnancy future mother needs in addition calories in day.

The next months of pregnancy the need for energy increases to calories in day in addition to a usual diet.

It is already scientifically proved that at mother who eats lowcalorie food andtests physical activities, the fruit moves much more actively, and movement is vital and besides is excellent preparation for safe childbirth.

What should be a food of the woman in the second half of pregnancy In the second half of pregnancy caloric content of food can be raised.

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They contain

They contain Dairy sugar, or lactose, too behaves in an organism better as arrives in blood not so promptly, as the refined sugar.

Unlike huge doses of the concentrated sugar containing in sweets, fruit and dairy sugar arrive in intestines together with many other nutrients, and their assimilation occurs not so quickly.

The most useful sugar Set , better known under the name krakhmaly, are the carbohydrates best and useful to an organism.

They contain in pasta, bean, potatoes, cereals, sunflower seeds, and also in oil of nuts.

These nutrients arrive in intestines in the form of a long chain of molecules of simple sugars.

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Besides It, in turn, promotes improvement of mental development of the child to make on it positive impact, to bring up merits, adults use social motives, such as recognition, approval, encouragement from adult people whom the child respects, aspiration to be highly appreciated and others.

Besides the relations with adult people value of the relations of the child with other children raises.

It too promotes mental development of the child as adults have additional possibilities for influence on the child in the uchebnovospitatelny purposes through a prism of his relations with contemporaries public approval of its acts and successes in presence of schoolmates, competition to the contemporaries, many other situations in which the authority of the child at other children is mentioned.

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A tax on a table

A tax on a tableGrain yachnevy milk ml, water ml, butter g.

CREAM FROM SEMOLINATo cook liquid cream of wheat on milk with water, to add with sugar and the softened butter an egg yolk, to stir, put on cold, and then to shake up until weight does not become dense and magnificent.

A tax on a table with jam or a fruit syrup.

Grain semolina milk ml, water ml, eggs yolk of piece, a syrup or jam sugar butter g.

A pudding BUCKWHEAT WITH COTTAGE CHEESETo prepare the wiped buckwheat cereal, to connect it to the wiped cottage cheese, to add sugar, milk, an egg yolk, to mix, enter EAOROVOGO'S FOOD OF THE CHILDthe shakenup protein.

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To finish

To finish Add the fresh leaves of a nettle crushed by a knife, tablespoons are swept away, salt to taste and lead up to boiling.

Submit hot.

SOUP FROM THE NETTLE, F AND MEDUNITSAIn a meat broth to weld to readiness tubers of potatoes cut by cubes, to put the nettle crushed by a knife, a medunitsa, a sorrel and green onions, salt.

To finish to boilin to remove from fire and let's stand minutes.

Before giving to fill with sour cream and boiled egg.

FRIKADE'LKI FISH WITH THE NETTLEForcemeat from sea fish mix with a dry krapivny powder and extinguish with a small amount of water and sour cream in zakrpy ware.

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