All the time

All the time One is left ny in the apartment, the only child practically is afraid of everything.

All the time something seems to it, he sees what is not present and in mention the TV growling by an animal, the sofa which was howled on it.

And if to us still to consider that at preschool age of the imagination are usually boundless.

Probably, not without reason there is such saying Fear takes molehills for mountains.

They are not simply great, and are overflowed the Gaul with lyutsinatsiya.

And it can be reflected in mentality rebenEgo Majesty the Child!.

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You yet did not learn

You yet did not learnAfter that it is necessary to ask to draw the child on cost to the party of a leaf of the person Draw, please, the husband to a rank.

How you it will manage.

If the child begins rice the woman, to insist, that he drew the man, but without any helps.

Its Majesty Child!.

After small rest to the child show sled on the left side of a leaf the phrase and ask it on the right side of a leaf such words Posmo three, here something is written.

You yet did not learn to write, but try, maybe, you will manage.

Properly three as it is written, and here nearby on the right on this blank space write too so.

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Let's make

Let's make Physiologically it develops at us in the face of regardless of the fact that we, parents, do.

This miracle is not subject to us, as, however, and to the child.

He grows in the man that is initially predetermined by hormones.

Let's make together small digression to biology to shed some light how it occurs.

As all of us know, hormones represent the products developed by glands of internal secretion thyroid, a pancreas, a hypophysis, timusy, yaichnik at women and small eggs at men.

All of them are under control of biological reason which has an accurate development plan of each boy.

Both boys, and at girls have main sexual hormones testosterone and an estrogen, but boys have more than testosterone, and at girls estrogen level is higher.

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Future mother

Future mother Besides it is unsafe.

At sharp braking the wheel can press on a stomach, injure a fruit and break the further course of pregnancy.

Therefore on big term of pregnancy it is better to cease to drive and change on a seat of the passenger.

Future mother should not go itself at a wheel to maternity hospital at all!How it is correct to fasten a seat belt during pregnancyThe bottom belt goes under a stomach under a uterus, top through a breast, over a stomach.

The lock of a belt should function faultlessly and straps should not be damaged.

The top belt should not slide off a shoulder!Be fastened and when the car someone conducts another and even if you sit on a back seat! Even the small push can lead to big troubles for you and your future child.

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The plan consisted

The plan consistedFor Alev and Somer it was necessary to begin with quieter procedure of preparation .

Ayla often was strongly raised and active in the evenings.

One time Somer for fun fought against it.

as he told, to exhaust .

It caused opposite effect raised it even more.

Instead Alev quietly bathed Ayla in a bath with foam and esteemed it.

while that saw milk.

In Aila's room put a night lamp.

The plan consisted in that.

to try to apply a method of gradual elimination.

as soon as Ayla understood that are going to put to bed, it began an anger attack.

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