As a result

As a resultAs a result of the raised consumption of vitamins B to a considerable measure the vitamin exchange worsens also, the lack of vitamins C develops, And, V.

Ochen's groups often sharp intestinal diseases are accompanied by violation of normal microflora of intestines.

In mild cases for achievement of a positive effect m it is rather correct to organize a diet of the child to order hours of feedin it is correct to define food volume, to exclude from a diet of the child pesootvetstvuyushchy products.

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And already

And already Certainly, there are such situations when the explanation will not help.

If he tries to cross the street on red light, or, wishing to help mother, takes a match, trying to light a plate, or, helping to hang up the washed linen, is outweighed through a handrail of a balcony, explanations can simply be late.

In such situation it is possible to resort to a persevering request, almost the order.

And already then it is quiet, without shout and charges to explain to the kid why it cannot be done and as it is necessary to behave correctly.

Thus the child can simply not understand, why one things to it are resolved, and others, similar, no.

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Remember that

Remember that Porridges often advise to give as an additional food that nakorMeath the child and to increase intervals between feedings by a breast or from a small bottle.

Some parents densely feed the child for the night, wrongly thinking that then he will strong sleep.

Such plentiful feeding can already generate problems of control of appetite at early age and promote possible obesity.

Remember that milk chest or mixes remains the most important food of the child at this stage of development.

Do not aspire to feed him before going to bed in vain hope that he will sleep all night long.

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ChukovskyChukovsky Fedorino a grief, Moydodyr, Wonderful tree, MuchaTsokotukha, A.

Gaidar A blue cup, Chuk and GEK, A.

Milne WinniethePooh, The ballad about a royal sandwich S.

Marshak Lane, L.

Tolstoy Three kalatches and one steeringwheel, Filippok, Fire dogs, The scientific son, The old man and an appletree, Shark, As bukharets learned to plant silkworms, with H.


Andersen The princess on a pea, The firm tin telltale, Toad, A new dress of the kin Shtopalnaya a needle, As a wind mixed signs, Camomile, Small Ida's flowers, Ugly ducklin The snow queen, K.

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Heart already

Heart already Your future child is similar to an auricle surrounded with a small amount of okoloplodny waters.

Fourth week.

The person starts to be formed, and there are dark vials where there will be eyes, a nose and ears.

The bottom jaw and a throat develop a mouth.

Blood circulation begins.

Heart already fights.

The embryo grows in times in comparison with the origin moment.

fe your kid is still very small less, than fig.


lunar month of development of an embryo, weeks Fifth week.

Ears start to be formed, there are rudiments of hands and feet, is formed from to vertebras, the nervous system a head and spinal cord continues to develop, the blood system is formed.

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