An egg yolk

An egg yolk Milk to boil, add sugar and the presoaked gelatin, again to finish to boiling.

An egg yolk to pound with sugar, to dissolve with hot milk with gelatin, to pour vanillin, to cool to room temperature.

The cooled cream to shake up to resistant foam, to pour in in them a personal and dairy mix with gelatin, to pour in formochka, to cool.

Cream of %nye ml, milk ml, water ml, sugar of eggs yolk pieces, gelatin g.

CREAM SLIVOCHIOYAGODNYFresh berries to wash out, Bdat boiled water, to wipe through a sieve, to add powdered sugar.

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Edges of a napkin

Edges of a napkinROLL POTATO WITH CARROTS AND COTTAGE CHEESE Boiled potatoes hot to pass through a meat grinder, to add a flour, eg to mix, m an equal layer on the napkin moistened with water, on the middle to put the carrot mashed potatoes mixed with wiped cottage cheese, crude egg and sugar.

Edges of a napkin to connect, shift roll a seam down on a frying pan, to grease with eg it is mixed to FOOD OF THE CHILDny with sour cream and to bake in an oven.

A tax on a table with butter.

Potatoes carrots cottage cheese a flour piece eggs j, sugar sour cream butter ROLL POTATO WITH EGG 'Boiled in a peel and cleared potatoes to pass through fi, to add to it a flour, to mix.

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The diet of the Scottish

The diet of the Scottish In what business And in that, likely, that, than more we are civilized, in us bases of a reasonable food dictated by the nature especially are lost, what, by the way, and conducts to to chitelny growth of socalled diyetzavisimy diseases.

In the animal world are not forgotten yet selection search corresponding Here one example.

The diet of the Scottish partridge for % depending on a season consists of an ordinary heather.

Birds before the beginning of the period of reproduction choose as a forage only a heather rich with calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen, without touching the plants containing statochny quantity of these elements.

These are necessary for females before the reproduction beginning.

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Complex TV a vaccine

Complex TV a vaccine Continue inoculations as though the admission was not.

If it is necessary to inoculate passed for example, whether if you prishon regular inspection with the oneandahalfyearold child to whom the inoculation a vaccine against MMK in year was not made, vaccines can be entered to the child at the same time, but in different places, the risk of reaction to a vaccine thus does not increase, and its efficiency does not decrease.

Vaccines and tests DPT diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus.

Complex TV a vaccine entered by means of a single injection.

Hepatitis B a vaccine against hepatitis of Century of HIB a vaccine against flu a type B virus.

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TerminationDish terminationDish namePorridge dairy mucous buckwheat, from the oatflakes Oatflakes , semolinaSoftboiled egg a souffle steam from boiled fishKissel from dogrose brothMilkHoneyPortion ml pieces However, as such diet on the structure does not correspond to physiological needs of the child for the main food components, for the th day of the child transfer to physiologically more highgrade diet of N tab.

into which white crackers them in an oven without a podrumyanivaniye, liquid porridges on milk are entered.

Instead of mucous soups are used dairy the wiped, meat and fish dishes in the form of steam cutlets, knely, quenelles, and vegetables in the form of wiped i i by mashed potatoes, puddings.

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