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So, the hormone

Existence in chest milk of substances, neutralized an infection, causes more rare emergence of infections of the top respiratory ways complicating breath; antiallergenicity of chest milk protects respiratory ways from a giperemiya; many elements of chest milk influencing physiological variability are absent in artificial baby food.It is possible that in chest milk there are the substances changing cycles of a dream of the child in such a manner that it easier wakens at emergence of factors menacing to life.So, the hormone a progesterone is a breath stimulator, and in blood at the babies nursed, the contents it higher.Whether the reason consist in the nature of chest milk can Gastrothe edofagalny reflux see page can increase risk of SIDS as the milk which has got to the top respiratory ways is capable to put in action a respiratory standstill reflex.

The behavior

However do not regard temperature reaction in reply to febrifuges as the unique objective indicator.Researches confirm that this reaction does not allow to judge that, the disease is how serious.As the child behaves.The behavior of your child is more important, than his subjects .At it °, but he continues to play with pleasure in this case the situation is not so disturbin as in other when the child at temperature ° aspires to lie down all the time.Important and how the disease of the child corresponds with his high temperature.

At condition

Veredko an illness accepts a long current, often there are aggravations therefore without individually picked up dietary food at this disease not to manage.In the first days of sharply arisen cholecystitis or aggravations chronic it is necessary for child to give a large amount of liquid in the form of sweet Tea, infusion of a dogrose, vegetable, fruit, berry juice, semifluid legkousvoyaemy dishes the wiped soups, dairy porridges, vegetable mashed potatoes, kissels, compotes.At condition improvement ENTSIKLOPEAIYA OF A FOOD OF THE CHILDthe child it is possible to enter into a food gradually boiled meat and fish dishes.llp chronic cholecystitis is recommended to I to use milk and dairy products, especially in the form of sourmilk drinks and cottage cheese.

To Poyavl of scientific

On an example repeating several times in a year cold passes to a habit to sniff, and it is frequent finding fault lips to their licking.The child, the more clear and the imitation moment is more senior.Sometimes excites parents and a habit to gnaw nails.It seldom happens in years, appearing a bit later.To Poyavl of scientific research institute of this habit a nervousness and concern sign.Nails fight also bite, children at all do not know when.And when is either excitement, or a cart a buzhdeniye bringing concern.

Main signs

It is an emergency demanding immediate surgical intervention.Main signs of impassability of intestines suddenly begun kolikoobrazny bellyache persistent vomiting with greenish inclusions, sometimes fountain.the obvious discomfort and sometimes terrible pain, it is rather attacks, than a constant lack of a chair white and sweaty skin deterioration symptoms, instead of condition improvements LOCK The lock defines density a calla and difficulties of its removal, instead of hour excrements.The consistence and frequency of a chair vary depending on age and specific features of the child.

In n water

TEA with milkFor children tea with milk should contain more milk, than tea.On ml of drink ml of milk undertake.Boiled milk add with in ready tea.KOFESURROGATIt is possible to prepare it from acorn, barley or other types of substitutes of coffee.In n water m a dry powder of coffee deputy ENTSIKLOPEAIYAFOOD OF THE CHILDnitel to stir, 'to REMOVE from fire, let's settle, filter, add sugar and toryachy boiled milk.Coffee substitute r, water ml, milk + ml, sugar.

What image

For certain all parents sometimes face situations which regularly cause the family conflicts though by means of the concept of natural sequences they are easy for resolving.What image to make so that this natural sequence worked It is necessary to neglect that is called an event, having allowed a situation to develop independently.But before it it is necessary to set to itself some questionsWhat happens, if I do not interfereWhat can happen the most terrible if I do not interfereIf answers to these questions are not too frightenin it is possible to do the following.First, do not remind the child that it should make.

And, if humidity

Gradually they will begin to be perceived as periodic attacks of pain and can be accompanied by pain in a waist, hips, calves and a rectum.Antenatal podtekaniye of waters.It is a question not of a situation when waters literally flow and when during the day the woman feels allocation of several tens drops of liquid.And, if humidity appeared after a dream most likely, there was a mucous stopper and if during the day that it and is a podtekaniye of waters.this process of any danger does not represent the kid, though in official gynecology is a reason for immediate stimulation of childbirth.

Some ways

Even knowing that your behavior during food can affect formation of problems, to you can be difficult to cease to show nervousness in relation to the child as you worry about it go health.The first that you should make, it to convince that your child is healthy.Some ways of how you are able to do it, are presented below.What is normalBy months at the majority of children the motility is developed rather well, and they can eat independently if to them allow it to do.

Now, fourteen

Haden from the baby with the increased inquiries turned into the girl with big inquiries, then in the teenager with not smaller claims.She slowly weaned from places where felt comfortably, from a bed, a breast, hands.But nevertheless weaned.How we achieved it Keenness.Now, fourteen years later, Haden became deeply feelin creative person, at which as speak, life is in full swing.It is kind and attentive to another, including us.Here to that we were taught by Haden Children happen noisy first of all because of the temperament in sense of their general tendency to behave exactly so, instead of because of parents.

So scratch

And sins are so nonstandard that sin sin to you often not to understand.And their list along with mischief and fights contains even not washed up hands before food.And it it is very easy to explain, as all at what you point manias of the child, the kid considers very important in life.So scratch on a neck excites him more heartaches.He washes a neck nearly an every day, and heart.No, mother never forced to wash his heart.And it means that his heart, obviously, means nothing.Therefore be not surprised, if your child, rastsePlokhiye habits of good children.nivy all from such positions, not only a neck, but also hands, will consider feet as the most important parts of a body while on an internal thanks to which he lives, not about special attention if you never spoke to it about them and it does not have these any diseases .

And with

Give a hand to it, the strong hand.Its gentle fingers enclose in a palm and conduct on life, its lab to prints, as if the guide the guide who mastered already this way.Be his friend, become belief, hope.And with I twist to you he came to this world.The childhood is the blossoming meadow which has been filled in with the sun, on whichyou run carelessly to the far horizon.And as it is important, that nearbywith you there was a lovin skilled guide.Some words instead of the prefaceBoltushechka call Katenka.Its mouth is not closed for second and a uvula discusses literally everything from the simplest truth to world problems that knows and that does not know that saw that heard that thinks that thought up.

When giving

KARTOFFLNY SOUP WITH In the cooked potato soup filled with carrots and roasted onions, add chopped and cook to readiness.When giving on a table fill with sour cream or lactic drinks.G OF ARN FROM SNYTIThe Ogobranny and washedout greens it is thin , extinguish with sour cream and butter it is possible simply with milk minutes, add the chopped onions, a powder of a bay leaf, salt and again extinguish minutes.Fill with a tomato and a flour, lead up to boiling.On kg take g of sour cream and g of oil or g of milk, g of onions, g of a tomato, g of a flour and salt to taste.PROFILAKTIKL OF DISEASES OF THE CHILD OF JOINT STOCK COMPANY HIS ROZHAYENY OF THE CUTLET POTATO WITH AND THE NETTLEOgobranny and boiled it is possible also crude greens to crush on a meat grinder, to mix with mashed potatoes it is possible and with crude potatoes, i through a meat grinder and eggs to salt, make a cutlet to roll in in a flour or i crackers and to roast on vegetable oil.

At this age it is possible

At this age it is possible to give only the cottage cheese received from dairy kitchen or prepared houses from fresh kefir, including kaltsinirovanny see Dishes from cottage cheese.Sourmilk it is recommended to enter from months in a look so i the subsequent formulas i children's i products with the lowered content of protein of cow milk for reduction of risk of an allergy, i on nurseries i kitchens or i in shops of baby food Agusha and , Bifilin, , etcFrom , months it is necessary to give an egg yolk in r and the pounded look in chest or usual milk, since two times a week and leading up by months to yolks in r.

If through

When the kid sits on your knees, incline it forward through an edge of a palm with which you hold it, and rather strongly rub a back or clap on it.Do not consider that feeding was not possible, if the child not a cart spirit If for the first time at you it did not turn out, after a while try again.If through mines of an otrygivaniye did not occur, put the child or resemble with it, holding him in vertical situation, being engaged in the affairs.If the child feels well, need for an otrygivaniye of air disappears.If the child after feeding is uneasy coils, bent, groans, when you put it, or refuses to finish feeding is signs of that it is necessary to it air; if the child ate much, you need patience, while it not air.

Here one of questions

Here that at us it turned out.It not seems correct To learn, how parents treat this question, we interrogated mothers.Here one of questions What usually council friends, relatives give you, when you ask them what to do with the child who badly sleeps More often the answer was such Let's to it be shouted.But % of mothers told that it not seems to them true.Our conclusion % of mothers cannot be mistaken, and between councils which they hear, and discrepancy is their feelings really.The list of the reasons and ways of fight against night awakenings Fear of loneliness Development of new skills Temperament the child with big inquiries Family problems Moving to other house Dejectedness of parents One of parents left the house Irritating clothes Being cut teeth Wet or dirty diaper Irritation, rash from a diaper Hunger Stuffy nose Too hot Too cold Irritants of respiratory ways cigaret smoke perfumery powders, powder fuzzes in air hair of animals dust aromas Awakening reasons An allergy to milk or I peep Noise in a bedroom Cold Ear inflammation Fever Gastroezofagalny reflux Ostritsa Infection of urinary ways What to undertake Sleep closer to the child Calm him, carrying in the scrappy holder Try to lull it Massage it before going to bed Shake it Press the child to itself Use situation a nest under a neck Swaddle Use something soft, warm and fluffy a father's breast, ovto a rank Take the child on hands Use a shaking cradle or a bed on castors Bath in warm water Warm a blanket and sheets Include calming music Use a white sound Use sounds habitual to the kid a parent belly leave in a bed of the child a thing connected with mother Feed before going to bed Give a ride on the car Try mechanical nurse Dress the child in a thing from cotton Resort to medical examination It acquits itselfhimself We interrogated publishers and producers of television who help on to be to the recommendations concerning this way, in the press and on air.

Cottage cheese

PUDDING COTTAGE CHEESECottage cheese to wipe through a sieve or to pass through a meat grinder with a small grid.An egg yolk to pound with sugar and butter, to connect to cottage cheese, to mix, carefully to enter the shakenup protein.Weight m in a form greased with butter and strewed with crackers to put on a baking sheet with water and to place in an oven for minutes.A ready pudding to water with sour cream or a fruit or berry syrup.Cottage cheese eggs pieces.sour cream a syrup sugar butter crackers g.PUDDING COTTAGE CHEESE WITH RAISIN In r cottage cheese to add the sifted flour, r with sugar a yolk, r raisin.

What arguments

Probably, it occurs thanks to contact to the relatives, curing aura of love and, certainly, lack of hospital flora.After all in modern maternity hospitals lives in times more various bacteria, than in apartments.patrimonial traumatism.do not injure the oksipyutsiny.provoking at the baby a hyper excitability syndrome, long jaundice of newborns, emotional and behavioural violations, difficulties in social adaptation.What arguments contra house childbirth The main argument big risk.According to physicians, even at absolutely healthy woman in one instant pathology, which in minutes can developwill lead to her death.

Their new schedule

Though they wanted to deal with questions concerning a dream and discipline, Mat and Mandy asked to pay attention at first to the schedule of them day to create more favorable situation in a breakage.They had to agree on the schedule of day that Mat knew when it will have a long time for continuous work, and Mandy knew, when she can address to it for the help.Their new schedule reflected an hourly daily routine and was hung up in kitchen.After that they could pay attention to a daily routine and food which they established day of children.

It needs to be distinguished

Most of all attention give to blood and urine analyses.During pregnancy at women quite often anemia anemia which demands special treatment develops in % of cases.Urine on the analysis hand over after each visit of the doctor.Especially it is important in the second half of pregnancy, in particular the last two months when the risk of development of such complication of pregnancy, as OPTgestoz is high.It needs to be distinguished and treated in time.On each reception the doctor measures at the pregnant woman arterial pressure on both hands and mass of a body.Besides all these analyses and researches, obligatory for all women during pregnancy, with future mothers years are more senior carry out additional researches.

When the kid is especially

When the kid is especially stubborn, it is not necessary, that you the same as it.Find a way to switch its interest, pick up a task that it executed it with success, and do not forget to praise those it.Do not argue with the child and do not quarrel with it.For example, your baby decided to make of the very best good motivesTo you surprise costs and washes after food the dishes that broke a relka, took a cup.You stout of indignation, demand such washing.But if you demand to stop and it for preshcheno, it continues washing already with redoubled zeal, as if to you to spite, and only because at this age at all kids heightened interest to that is impossible.

Press to itself

Protivokolikovy kalachik.This best means, allowing to remove napa ryazheniye at children who like to curve a back and badly relax in other pose.Press to itself the child so that his back rested to you against a breast, and it was bent situation sitting.It weakens stomach and back muscles and often conducts to a relaxation of all body of the child.If at you hands were tired, apply the situation kangaroo see page and if you got used to communicate with the kid eyes and by means of a mimicry, develop his face to itself.A back of the child hold far away from itself, and his feet tighten to your breast.

The formed

Apples sugar g.THE APPLES STUFFED WITH COTTAGE CHEESEFrom large apple to cut off a top.A sharp narrow knife to take out a core.The formed cavity to fill with the cottage cheese mixed with semolina, sugar, raisin, an egg yolk, and to bake in an oven.When giving on a table to strew with powdered sugar.Apples sugar cottage cheese grain semolina raisin eggs yolk piece IHanumuCOCOADry powder of cocoa to mix with sugar and m in ware with the boiling milk dissolved half with water, let's boil once again.

Speed of movements

The child can play more than an hour without coming off on the street, having given preference to sports.Since five years to six at your child shifts in motility and force improvement are even more considerable.Speed of movements it continues to increase and improves is rumpled but their coordination.Already the child can carry out at the same time twothree types of impellent skills to reap, throwing a ball; to catch a ball, having sat down on hunkers and at the tantsovyvy.The child likes to run, competing.It jogs several times in day on distance to meters and to overcome , passing to run with average speed in a minute.

The love to them

Mothers are especially elegant.The love to them children designing for them such models of fantastic clothes patents on which, likely, bought from them fashions ny magazines.Besides dresses, skirts, blouses where ruches, you are shivka, flounces, at many mothers in ear ring ears, on necks a beads Diagnostics of a family and hairpins in hair.Almost all mothers in fashionable footwear and with unusual hairdresses.And if you peer into their hair color, will tell more often so does not happen since what time hair orange, yellow and even dark blue.So does not happen in life, but happens in drawin when the child in a high water of the tender sentiment, splashing out this way outside of.

Therefore by the main

Therefore by the main r, r Q to be used at anemia treatment, meat and r vegetative greens parsley, fennel, salad and others r plants, and also the berries containing a chlorophyll, a gooseberry; berries and the fruit rich with vitamin C, a dogrose, an aktinidiya, a black currant, seabuckthorn berries, oranges, strawberry, a mountain ash, r grades of apples, tangerines, sweet cherry, and also containing many organic acids a cranberry, a currant, a lemon, etc At the same time the content of fat in a food allowance is necessary to limit to Q r and is temporary, before normalization of the content of hemoglobin in blood, twice to reduce m mmochny products.

A skintight

At one time in the USA the issecheniye of an extreme flesh became the usual procedure made at the birth of boys, but as it often happens to habitual procedures, parents started to ask a question, whether really it is absolutely necessary for their children.Further we will give the most widespread questions which to us set.Answers to them will help you to make the decision, leaning on reliable information.How run low an extreme flesh The child put on a firm support with thongs with which fix his hands and a foot.A skintight extreme flesh separate from a head of a penis penis the medical tool.While the cut approximately for lengths of an extreme flesh is made, it hold metal clips.

Upon purchase

go barefoot on dirt or the crude earth.What it is necessary to consider at a transport choice you are going to fly by the plane or to float by the ship, receive the written decision of the doctor that at the next o'clock childbirth is improbable at big term of pregnancy.Upon purchase of the ticket you, most likely, will not ask about pregnancy term, but at registration can take an interest planned date of childbirth and without medical certificate can not start up aboard.to purchase of the ticket do not hesitate to ask for itself the best place in transport.

Dmitry earns

Maxim's parents representatives of middle class.Dmitry earns not bad, and here Marina while is at home with an oneyearold Katyusha and only sometimes takes on the house a small podrabotka transfers, editing.We generally on holiday postpone my earnings and for any cultural campaigns during vacation.However, Maxim perceives all this as due.The boy does not ask a question, money from where undertakes, and parents did not explain it to him in due time therefore the son does not see obvious problems, but only only own needs.

Food movement

In intestines there is a further digestion and absorption of food substances.Food movement on intestines at children depends on nature of feeding and occurs quicker, than at adults.Duration of digestion when feeding by parent milk averages hours, cow hours.Daily quantity a calla at natural feeding small on the average g; for it color, a kashitseoobrazny consistence, sour reaction, lack of a faecal smell are characteristic egg .When feeding by cow milk children's the kcal differs more I a consistence, light color and an unpleasant smell; the daily quantity a calla increases to i.e.

It is already

In the first three months of pregnancy future mother needs in addition calories in day.The next months of pregnancy the need for energy increases to calories in day in addition to a usual diet.It is already scientifically proved that at mother who eats lowcalorie food andtests physical activities, the fruit moves much more actively, and movement is vital and besides is excellent preparation for safe childbirth.What should be a food of the woman in the second half of pregnancy In the second half of pregnancy caloric content of food can be raised.

They contain

Dairy sugar, or lactose, too behaves in an organism better as arrives in blood not so promptly, as the refined sugar.Unlike huge doses of the concentrated sugar containing in sweets, fruit and dairy sugar arrive in intestines together with many other nutrients, and their assimilation occurs not so quickly.The most useful sugar Set , better known under the name krakhmaly, are the carbohydrates best and useful to an organism.They contain in pasta, bean, potatoes, cereals, sunflower seeds, and also in oil of nuts.These nutrients arrive in intestines in the form of a long chain of molecules of simple sugars.


It, in turn, promotes improvement of mental development of the child to make on it positive impact, to bring up merits, adults use social motives, such as recognition, approval, encouragement from adult people whom the child respects, aspiration to be highly appreciated and others.Besides the relations with adult people value of the relations of the child with other children raises.It too promotes mental development of the child as adults have additional possibilities for influence on the child in the uchebnovospitatelny purposes through a prism of his relations with contemporaries public approval of its acts and successes in presence of schoolmates, competition to the contemporaries, many other situations in which the authority of the child at other children is mentioned.

A tax on a table

Grain yachnevy milk ml, water ml, butter g.CREAM FROM SEMOLINATo cook liquid cream of wheat on milk with water, to add with sugar and the softened butter an egg yolk, to stir, put on cold, and then to shake up until weight does not become dense and magnificent.A tax on a table with jam or a fruit syrup.Grain semolina milk ml, water ml, eggs yolk of piece, a syrup or jam sugar butter g.A pudding BUCKWHEAT WITH COTTAGE CHEESETo prepare the wiped buckwheat cereal, to connect it to the wiped cottage cheese, to add sugar, milk, an egg yolk, to mix, enter EAOROVOGO'S FOOD OF THE CHILDthe shakenup protein.

To finish

Add the fresh leaves of a nettle crushed by a knife, tablespoons are swept away, salt to taste and lead up to boiling.Submit hot.SOUP FROM THE NETTLE, F AND MEDUNITSAIn a meat broth to weld to readiness tubers of potatoes cut by cubes, to put the nettle crushed by a knife, a medunitsa, a sorrel and green onions, salt.To finish to boilin to remove from fire and let's stand minutes.Before giving to fill with sour cream and boiled egg.FRIKADE'LKI FISH WITH THE NETTLEForcemeat from sea fish mix with a dry krapivny powder and extinguish with a small amount of water and sour cream in zakrpy ware.

All the time

One is left ny in the apartment, the only child practically is afraid of everything.All the time something seems to it, he sees what is not present and in mention the TV growling by an animal, the sofa which was howled on it.And if to us still to consider that at preschool age of the imagination are usually boundless.Probably, not without reason there is such saying Fear takes molehills for mountains.They are not simply great, and are overflowed the Gaul with lyutsinatsiya.And it can be reflected in mentality rebenEgo Majesty the Child!.

You yet did not learn

After that it is necessary to ask to draw the child on cost to the party of a leaf of the person Draw, please, the husband to a rank.How you it will manage.If the child begins rice the woman, to insist, that he drew the man, but without any helps.Its Majesty Child!.After small rest to the child show sled on the left side of a leaf the phrase and ask it on the right side of a leaf such words Posmo three, here something is written.You yet did not learn to write, but try, maybe, you will manage.Properly three as it is written, and here nearby on the right on this blank space write too so.

Let's make

Physiologically it develops at us in the face of regardless of the fact that we, parents, do.This miracle is not subject to us, as, however, and to the child.He grows in the man that is initially predetermined by hormones.Let's make together small digression to biology to shed some light how it occurs.As all of us know, hormones represent the products developed by glands of internal secretion thyroid, a pancreas, a hypophysis, timusy, yaichnik at women and small eggs at men.All of them are under control of biological reason which has an accurate development plan of each boy.Both boys, and at girls have main sexual hormones testosterone and an estrogen, but boys have more than testosterone, and at girls estrogen level is higher.

Future mother

Besides it is unsafe.At sharp braking the wheel can press on a stomach, injure a fruit and break the further course of pregnancy.Therefore on big term of pregnancy it is better to cease to drive and change on a seat of the passenger.Future mother should not go itself at a wheel to maternity hospital at all!How it is correct to fasten a seat belt during pregnancyThe bottom belt goes under a stomach under a uterus, top through a breast, over a stomach.The lock of a belt should function faultlessly and straps should not be damaged.The top belt should not slide off a shoulder!Be fastened and when the car someone conducts another and even if you sit on a back seat! Even the small push can lead to big troubles for you and your future child.

The plan consisted

For Alev and Somer it was necessary to begin with quieter procedure of preparation .Ayla often was strongly raised and active in the evenings.One time Somer for fun fought against it.as he told, to exhaust .It caused opposite effect raised it even more.Instead Alev quietly bathed Ayla in a bath with foam and esteemed it.while that saw milk.In Aila's room put a night lamp.The plan consisted in that.to try to apply a method of gradual elimination.as soon as Ayla understood that are going to put to bed, it began an anger attack.

As a result

As a result of the raised consumption of vitamins B to a considerable measure the vitamin exchange worsens also, the lack of vitamins C develops, And, V.Ochen's groups often sharp intestinal diseases are accompanied by violation of normal microflora of intestines.In mild cases for achievement of a positive effect m it is rather correct to organize a diet of the child to order hours of feedin it is correct to define food volume, to exclude from a diet of the child pesootvetstvuyushchy products.

And already

Certainly, there are such situations when the explanation will not help.If he tries to cross the street on red light, or, wishing to help mother, takes a match, trying to light a plate, or, helping to hang up the washed linen, is outweighed through a handrail of a balcony, explanations can simply be late.In such situation it is possible to resort to a persevering request, almost the order.And already then it is quiet, without shout and charges to explain to the kid why it cannot be done and as it is necessary to behave correctly.Thus the child can simply not understand, why one things to it are resolved, and others, similar, no.

Remember that

Porridges often advise to give as an additional food that nakorMeath the child and to increase intervals between feedings by a breast or from a small bottle.Some parents densely feed the child for the night, wrongly thinking that then he will strong sleep.Such plentiful feeding can already generate problems of control of appetite at early age and promote possible obesity.Remember that milk chest or mixes remains the most important food of the child at this stage of development.Do not aspire to feed him before going to bed in vain hope that he will sleep all night long.


Chukovsky Fedorino a grief, Moydodyr, Wonderful tree, MuchaTsokotukha, A.Gaidar A blue cup, Chuk and GEK, A.Milne WinniethePooh, The ballad about a royal sandwich S.Marshak Lane, L.Tolstoy Three kalatches and one steeringwheel, Filippok, Fire dogs, The scientific son, The old man and an appletree, Shark, As bukharets learned to plant silkworms, with H.K.Andersen The princess on a pea, The firm tin telltale, Toad, A new dress of the kin Shtopalnaya a needle, As a wind mixed signs, Camomile, Small Ida's flowers, Ugly ducklin The snow queen, K.

Heart already

Your future child is similar to an auricle surrounded with a small amount of okoloplodny waters.Fourth week.The person starts to be formed, and there are dark vials where there will be eyes, a nose and ears.The bottom jaw and a throat develop a mouth.Blood circulation begins.Heart already fights.The embryo grows in times in comparison with the origin moment.fe your kid is still very small less, than fig.kernel.lunar month of development of an embryo, weeks Fifth week.Ears start to be formed, there are rudiments of hands and feet, is formed from to vertebras, the nervous system a head and spinal cord continues to develop, the blood system is formed.

An egg yolk

Milk to boil, add sugar and the presoaked gelatin, again to finish to boiling.An egg yolk to pound with sugar, to dissolve with hot milk with gelatin, to pour vanillin, to cool to room temperature.The cooled cream to shake up to resistant foam, to pour in in them a personal and dairy mix with gelatin, to pour in formochka, to cool.Cream of %nye ml, milk ml, water ml, sugar of eggs yolk pieces, gelatin g.CREAM SLIVOCHIOYAGODNYFresh berries to wash out, Bdat boiled water, to wipe through a sieve, to add powdered sugar.

Edges of a napkin

ROLL POTATO WITH CARROTS AND COTTAGE CHEESE Boiled potatoes hot to pass through a meat grinder, to add a flour, eg to mix, m an equal layer on the napkin moistened with water, on the middle to put the carrot mashed potatoes mixed with wiped cottage cheese, crude egg and sugar.Edges of a napkin to connect, shift roll a seam down on a frying pan, to grease with eg it is mixed to FOOD OF THE CHILDny with sour cream and to bake in an oven.A tax on a table with butter.Potatoes carrots cottage cheese a flour piece eggs j, sugar sour cream butter ROLL POTATO WITH EGG 'Boiled in a peel and cleared potatoes to pass through fi, to add to it a flour, to mix.

The diet of the Scottish

In what business And in that, likely, that, than more we are civilized, in us bases of a reasonable food dictated by the nature especially are lost, what, by the way, and conducts to to chitelny growth of socalled diyetzavisimy diseases.In the animal world are not forgotten yet selection search corresponding Here one example.The diet of the Scottish partridge for % depending on a season consists of an ordinary heather.Birds before the beginning of the period of reproduction choose as a forage only a heather rich with calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen, without touching the plants containing statochny quantity of these elements.These are necessary for females before the reproduction beginning.

Complex TV a vaccine

Continue inoculations as though the admission was not.If it is necessary to inoculate passed for example, whether if you prishon regular inspection with the oneandahalfyearold child to whom the inoculation a vaccine against MMK in year was not made, vaccines can be entered to the child at the same time, but in different places, the risk of reaction to a vaccine thus does not increase, and its efficiency does not decrease.Vaccines and tests DPT diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus.Complex TV a vaccine entered by means of a single injection.Hepatitis B a vaccine against hepatitis of Century of HIB a vaccine against flu a type B virus.


terminationDish namePorridge dairy mucous buckwheat, from the oatflakes Oatflakes , semolinaSoftboiled egg a souffle steam from boiled fishKissel from dogrose brothMilkHoneyPortion ml pieces However, as such diet on the structure does not correspond to physiological needs of the child for the main food components, for the th day of the child transfer to physiologically more highgrade diet of N tab.into which white crackers them in an oven without a podrumyanivaniye, liquid porridges on milk are entered.Instead of mucous soups are used dairy the wiped, meat and fish dishes in the form of steam cutlets, knely, quenelles, and vegetables in the form of wiped i i by mashed potatoes, puddings.

Eyes clear, open, attentive; extremities

Active concentration.The condition similar to quiet sosrea dotochennost, but the head and extremities of the child move, it as if is shipped in itselfhimself and does not notice you.It seems that the child is involved by movements of his own body.Quiet concentration.Eyes clear, open, attentive; extremities stay in relative rest.It seems that the child beholds a surrounding situation.This most suitable condition for interaction and training.Somnolence.Eyes are open, but stick together or start to be closed.The child is rather diffused, extremities and a trunk move, on the person pass sleepy halfsmiles.

Fruit fe ,, cm, weight

He is able to compress cams, to wrinkle lips, opens and closes a mouth, builds grimaces.The fruit can swallow of liquid which surrounds it.Can urinate.fruit fe ,, cm, weight ~ g.lunar month of development of a fruit, weeks Head it is disproportionate it is great in comparison with a body.The neck was designated.The fruit has now already eyebrows and eyelashes.The body and the person are covered with a gentle down .Skin of the baby is very thin, through it blood vessels are appeared through.

Jay's behavior

Voluntarily children also could save balls and exchange them for larger award, for example, on a campaign in shop of ridiculous things which boys very much loved.Katie and Jam and strenuously worked a cash with the table and combined it with a large number of embraces and praises.Jay's behavior quickly improved, and the number of fights considerably decreased.Jay also liked balls and possibility to save and change them.Tables of families of Elson, Price and GeorgiuYou also can create tables with stickers for fight against concrete manifestations of bad behavior to give to children incentive for correction Each of triplets, Velvet, Bailey and Roman and Elson, had a table with stickers for a dream see p.

The kid choleric

There is an identity between separate lines at the choleric person and a cart the rastny characteristic of the child.The kid choleric person is always picturesque, similar to the most colourful portrait, instead of on shy made sketch.On the dvizhny mercury, becoming angry very fast, such the nok lights up, as a match, there would be only a small spark.And all can appear a spark.And the litup kid choleric person is comparable only with the captain Break the head.Its energy is inexhaustible also pranks we.

Surely explain

Therefore, before will start to gather, specify this moment.By the way, to take everything at once it is unessential, some things to you can transfer as required, for example to a thing for an extract for you and the kid.Try to prepare them in advance.Surely explain to the husband where that lies, even it is better, if you sign packages that on pleasures it mixed nothing and did not forget.The approximate list of thingsDocuments prenatal record; passport; policy of obligatory medical insurance or policy of voluntary medical insurance; patrimonial certificate; the contract on childbirth if you give birth for a fee; the passport of the husband and the certificate of a state of his health if you decided on joint childbirth.

It is necessary

The contract should be carried out by both parties unconditionally.If you break the arrangement of you, do not wait that the child will be accurate in performance of the clauses of the contract.It is necessary to bring responsibility of the child for agreement violation in the contract.It is possible for it to tell that in case it will break the arrangement, you, in turn, will cease to care of it, will decline all responsibility for its comfortable existence to it will not prepare, erase, iron, give pocket money.It should sound not as threat.Try to tell it several times, be trained.

For this

Excites and should excite.For this purpose there is an occasion.Stutter valid, frequent for the first time can on be in two years when the child roughly masters the phrase vy speech and expresses the thoughts any more in monosyllables, and offers, for which drawing up it owes de pause lat to pick up necessary words.It not always can pick up them and as a result it, worryin clashes with adults.This demon sledno does not pass the conflict.And the difficult system of organs of articulation happens the most weak spot for a game .

Then we understood

Think of openness at adoption.When we wrote this book, in our family there was the eighth child, Lauren which we adopted rather adopted.Then we understood that it is in most cases quite good to lift a veil of secrecy over adoption.Openness means maintenance of contact of reception parents with the native.It allows to develop the plan of action in interests of all parties.Many reception parents make common cause with native as it goes on advantage everythin especially to the child.Openness is favorable to reception parents as relieves from syurpricall.

From the very

He as though invites you to learn to fill blank spaces in brackets instead of ball, instead of car, etc.But as thus the child also shows on interesting his subject, does not remain any doubts that he means.From the very beginning speech of the small person happens is correctly sustained in that, as to intonations, the problem exists only with the correct and complete pronouncing of words.First words The majority of children at this age is said not too by many words, it is possible, because the main part of the energy which has been taken away on development, they spend now for walking.

Each time it reminds

Parents can stimulate good behavior for ., resorting to the same principles, as in cases of other types of problem behavior.Herbie, Miles and EllaNigel the Carousal the Price were tired of that their three children, Miles, Herbie and Ella seven, five and three years respectively, arranged chaos during food that is frequent at to quarrels between them.I very much would want, that children simply sat and ate the dinner without an eructation, fights and an orosaniye with food.Nigel spoke.Each time it reminds tea drinking of a chimpanzee.I would like, that everything was more civilized.Nigel and Bianka asked to come to the agreement among themselves concerning behavior which they would like to see.

My child

My child knows that it the best.My child in everything is necessary only on my taste.My child tutors let bring up.When my child will fall ill, I do not call the doctor you .My daughter son, it is visible, expects the fantastic prince princess though to it it it is still so far to fantastic prince.I got used la that my child implicitly submitted to me.My child knows that he should be an excellent pupil, differently I will not suffer.When my child of badly feels, I worry over it, as though it the newborn.

Part of juice

The kid can drink a lot of juice, but not to feel full.For the child it is necessary to dilute juice.part of juice and waters.It is better to begin with apple, pear and grape juice as others orange, grapefruit, a lemon too sour, and the child usually refuses them, but also, they break digestion.Vegetable juice which are richer with nutrients, as a rule, do not belong to favourite drinks of the child The last researches showed, whether that at some children appear boin a stomach and a diarrhea after the use of fruit juice.It occurs because of their slow assimilation therefore the superfluous juice remaining in intestines, has laxative and irritating effect on a thick gut.

Perhaps, we will

And still, despite it, our child runs all the time up, without a respite, on an iridescent twisting path from the soap bubbles started up by it, conducting to a firmament!!! Naked king Little PrinceIts Majesty Child! Hardly there can be a family happy without the child.Perhaps, we will not have enough all available images, comparisons and metaphors to understand, whom after allfor us the kid is.And nevertheless we will try it though to something to compare.Well, we will try, we will risk.Child, as solar the hare, as a sun droplet in a family.Bad habits of good children.And can be, it is simple it a rainbow.

If after

Their mothers were persistent, all the time were on communication with the child, decanted milk that it remained, and intuitively felt that the child is yet ready to completely to pass to other food.In this case other mother who has passed through it can support you, address in League.If after all your efforts the child nevertheless refuses chest feedin you will know that he actually is ready to pass to the following level a food not chest milk.It is not necessary to regret, simply your child advances usual terms of development.Chest feeding as first aid For the child feeding by a breast a food and pleasure source.

Food of various

Include in food at least one favourite dish of your child.food of various flowers and structures to influence sense organs of your child and to increase quantity of food which he will eat.Use food which it is possible to eat with hands; fly can try new food if it is beautifully prepared, for example, it is unusually cut.Submit portions of the children's size, to start I spoons write each look.You can always offer additives, but not a plate.Allow children is independently as much as possible and to solve, how many they want to eat.

. The use by feeding

He takes the most

He takes the most active part in formation of behavior of parents, adjustment of mutual understanding with them, but only in case parents choose such style of behavior which allows the child to do it.STYLE OF RAPPROCHEMENT; AS IT IS BETTER TO BUILD THE PAIR RELATIONS CHILDREN PARENTS For many years of our pediatric practice we noticed primechatelny dependence meanwhile or other style of behavior of parents or its absence and development of the child.The style of rapprochement accepted in many families, is characterized by such feature of behavior of parents, as attachment to the child.


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